About Us

Dogs and dog shows have always been apart of my life and I have lived with Weimaraners for many years. My mom came home with her first Weimaraner in 1963. At that time we also had GSP's ... a GWP and later English Setters. Many other breeds passed through the house as we grew up and my mom still has dogs although they are smaller now. At that time we lived in a logging camp on the west coast of Vancouver Island. It was a great place to grow up with my 5 siblings and all our dogs. My mom and dad hunted the dogs and my mom also travelled to dog shows. She was involved with conformation and obedience. Our dogs were as comfortable in the ring as they were in the field or just busy with the family.

My first Weimaraner was given to me by my mom. Even though we had a few breeds she said the Weimaraner was the breed for me. No matter where I was going or what I was doing the Weimaraner would be a constant companion, doing what ever I was doing. I'm sure she also thought it would be a good protector as I was always looking for an adventure in some remote area of the country. That was 1980.

I now live on Vancouver Island in a rural area with my husband, Michael, and our dogs. I breed occasionally and dog shows are my hobby. My dogs have won many top conformation awards in both the USA and Canada but the most rewarding time I have with them is when we are roaming the countryside having fun. I look for homes for my puppies where they are someone's constant companion whether they are in the field.........in the ring...... or just busy family dogs.

If you would like any information regarding puppies or breed information you can contact me by email or phone.